While some worry about themselves and the Marriage Protection Act (or whatever the hell it is), some of us will be remembering those who did their part to save the world 62 years ago today.

In case some of you forgot, this is the anniversary of the D-Day Invasion where the allies drove a huge nail in the coffin of a REAL fascist, Nazi dictator.

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2 Comments on “Meanwhile…”

  1. Wickedpinto Says:

    You talk lovingly about your partner.

    I’m a hetero, and I have NEVER talked lovingly about the women I have used.

    You deserve recognition, and I think you get it in a small way, I have no problem with your getting married if that is your choice.

    Though this act offends me, in some way, I know that SECURITY is the item that makes me trust george. I really wish the right would realize that the religious right needs to decide between a Kerry and Bush, not between Pro-gay, anti-gay platform.

    If the religious right rejects the right because of Gay marriage they are fools.

    Just like the pro-death left are fools for not voting for a pro-life candidate.

    What makes the right successful, is that we are NOT single issue voters, but the right is REALLY trying to make us that.



  2. In a nutshell, I remember (as apparently few do) that Bush said that he supports unions. It seems that folks want to quibble about what you call it though. If you want to call it a Civil Union and keep the term “marriage” for straights, I don’t think most folks would care, as long as the benefits are there and apply across all states.

    The Human Rights Campaign had a deal a few years ago (probably still do) where they kept going on about the fact that there are 1.100 rights that straight couples enjoy that gay couples couldn’t. I never saw all of them and I can’t say that they ever showed all of them (they may have and I didn’t know it), but there should be no reason why, that I know of, it shoulldn’t be equal and apply across the board.

    One way or the other, TGCPartner and I will be together one day and, by my heel, I care not what others think or what they call it. Sure there are some things we can have worked out legally, though we shouldn’t have to jump through more hoops than anybody else, and I would gladly move Heaven, Earth, and kick your (not you specifically) sorry ass if you ever stood between the two of us for some reason. There’s always the example of partners being denied hospital visitation. You can bet your ass that yours would be grass if you denied me the opportunity to spend time with him. That may or may not necessarily include violence, though it depends on my options, of course.

    He means as much to me as any member of my family (more so in some cases) and I damn any man who would interfere.

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