Stick A Fork In ‘im, He’s Done!

So al-Zarqawi (bin Laden's left nut) is toast.

Look for the liberals, kooks and team killing fucktards to spend the rest of the weak and this weekend, at least, lamenting the fact. Not only that, but the Washington liberals and pundits will be clamoring all over each other to get on TV to proclaim how this means and changes nothing. After all, Bush is the true enemy of the U.S. and the military is nothing but liars and murderers anyway.

I suspect that by the time the Sunday talk shows are over, it will be no big deal and by the time the news cycle starts on Monday, nobody will be talking about it. I'm almost willing to bet a paycheck on my predictions.

Good job, FAGs.

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2 Comments on “Stick A Fork In ‘im, He’s Done!”

  1. ellen Says:

    Are you Ann Coulter without the shitty-looking drag?

  2. Is that the best you can do?

    Screw you and all your buddies sideways, Ellen. While your type runs about blaming Bush because they're too fucking stupid to put in their diaphragm, the rest of us will be protecting this country. You're #2 hero is pushing up the daisies and there ain't a damn thing you can do to spin it that will make people support liberalism.

    And you wonder why the sorry Ps OS that you support can't win elections, even when you try to steal them.

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