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Posted Tue,20 June, 2006 by thatgayconservative

So I’ve moved back to

My new address is

Please adjust accordingly.

No Indictment: More Piss In Lib Cheerios

Posted Tue,13 June, 2006 by thatgayconservative
Categories: Kooks, Liberals, Media, News

Yeah. So I was writing this article the other day on the Rove issue and the libs indictment fantasy. Problem was that every time I tried to save it, it would disappear.

Long story short, I need to buy a new keyboard for my computer and I will most likely be returning to Blogger.

Thanks for nothing, WP.

Wait A Sec….

Posted Tue,13 June, 2006 by thatgayconservative
Categories: Kooks, Liberals

Ann Coulter Banned in New Jersey?

Two New Jersey Democrats are pushing to have Ann Coulter's new book "Godless: The Church of Liberalism," banned from all bookstores in their state because she criticized four 9/11 widows known as "the Jersey Girls."

Wait! Who is it, exactly, trying to suppress free speech? I thought it was supposed to be Bush. As it turns out, the kook, team killing fucktards on the left are responsible. Don't believe me????

Ward Churchill still has a job and nobody's legislating against him. Maybe that's what needs to be done. Since nobody has the guts to nail the liberals for treason and sedition, maybe we should pass legislation ordering them to shut the hell up and stop supporting the enemy?

I'm sure that if Coulter had called the Jersey Bitches Little Eichmanns, the liberals would still be spooging themselves.

Only one word applies here.


And I’m Supposed To Give A Damn Because….????

Posted Mon,12 June, 2006 by thatgayconservative
Categories: Current Events, News

So Club Gitmo patrons commit suicide.


Really. Who gives a royal rat's ass if they all killed themselves? I mean really. Nobody gave a sweet Jesus about the Americans they killed, but I'm supposed to care about these shit bags?

Screw you guys and may you get your 72 "virgins" in a pork laden hell.


When Liberals Can’t Compete….

Posted Thu,8 June, 2006 by thatgayconservative
Categories: Kooks, Liberals, Team Killing Fucktards

You get fresh steaming piles like this:

Are you Ann Coulter without the shitty-looking drag?

Well, sweetie, I've seen many a drag show from Brandon, FL to Laredo, TX. and I can promise you that the shittiest-looking drag I've ever seen was on Cindy Sheehan and Susan Estrich. That's a major toss up, though, as to who is the winner. And then there's Hillary and Maureen Dowd, but given that they are lesbians, it doesn't really count as drag.

Cindy's pics grinding on the Reverennnnnnd Jacksonnnnn and tongue fighting with Hugo was, without a doubt, the most nauseating thing I've ever seen (and I've been in emergency services & body collection for over a decade).

Ooops! Almost forgot Mr. Janet Reno. Enjoy your finger-banging with those mental images. I shall be praying at the porcelain alter.

Stick A Fork In ‘im, He’s Done!

Posted Thu,8 June, 2006 by thatgayconservative
Categories: Iraq, Kooks, Liberals, Media, News, Team Killing Fucktards, War On Terror

So al-Zarqawi (bin Laden's left nut) is toast.

Look for the liberals, kooks and team killing fucktards to spend the rest of the weak and this weekend, at least, lamenting the fact. Not only that, but the Washington liberals and pundits will be clamoring all over each other to get on TV to proclaim how this means and changes nothing. After all, Bush is the true enemy of the U.S. and the military is nothing but liars and murderers anyway.

I suspect that by the time the Sunday talk shows are over, it will be no big deal and by the time the news cycle starts on Monday, nobody will be talking about it. I'm almost willing to bet a paycheck on my predictions.

Good job, FAGs.