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Bush Lied???

Mon,27 March, 2006

Seems to me, with all these documents coming to light, that it's actually the liberal left who's been lying all along. No surprises there since they've been falling all over themselves trying to prove that Bush is the only enemy we have.

 But, of course, I've been saying all along that it's the libs who're lying. While they've been busy spooging all over themselves over the fact that the WMDs weren't in Iraq, none could have been bothered to ask where they went. Nah. That would be piss in their Bush bashing Cheerios.

Oh, and it turns out that their spooge-fest that UBL & Hussein would never have anything to do with each other is a lie too. Go figure. Those of us with any interest in the truth knew better. Those who wanted to pretend to know the truth…well…wound up looking like the ass clowns they are.

Another lie the left heaped on the fire.Why the hell am I supposed to vote for them again?

As a gay man, I'm expected to vote straight-ticket "Democrat" (I missed that rule in my Gay orientation but found out later), and yet I still can't find any reason to vote for these miserable failures.



What I Said.

Fri,24 March, 2006

Here’s part of an exchange I’ve had with a member over at ProgressiveU:

Are you really that naive

Submitted by ThatGayConservative on Fri, 03/24/2006 – 5:37am.

Are you really that naive and trusting to think that our government and past presidents haven’t deliberately lied and misled the public for their own advantages and agenda that are not for the public good?

Furthermore, you make the accusation that I want the troops to fail and that I should support them fighting.

No. I’m asking you if you want for our soldiers and Iraq to fail. Yes or no? It’s a simple question.

There is a tremendous difference between supporting the troops and supporting an endless occupation.

Who’s making the endless occupation claim? Not George W. Bush, but rather the anti-U.S. and anti-military liberal, Neo-socialist left. Bush has said over and over again that we will only stay as long as necessary and as long as the Iraqi people want us there. It’s the anti-military left who keeps wailing about an endless occupation.

72% of soldiers polled in Iraq believe we should pull out by the end of this year. By your logic, ironically, I support the troops more than you actually support the troops.

Do you really? Are you aware of who conducted that poll? Are you aware of who paid for it? Follow the money. Yeah 72% of the filtered (i.e. those they selected because they gave the pollsters the answers they wanted) soldiers polled believe we should pull out. I, for one, am not impressed. If you were intellectually honest, you wouldn’t be either. BTW, wasn’t that poll retracted?


“Why No Nukes for Iran?”

Sun,19 February, 2006

How many times have we heard the following whining and yet received no specific answers from our leaders?

“Israel has nuclear weapons, so why single out Iran?”

“Pakistan got nukes and we lived with it.”

“Who is to say the United States or Russia should have the bomb and not other countries?”

“Iran has promised to use its reactors for peaceful purposes, so why demonize the regime?”


Victor Davis Hanson gives six good reasons why in this article.