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“Bush Invaded Iraq To Steal Their Oil!!!”

Fri,28 April, 2006

Me: Yeah? So, any day now, the libs are gonna demand that Bush release that oil so the price of gas will come down, right?

Libs: <crickets chirping>

Me: Thought so.

So why should I vote for your merry band of tea baggers again????

No. Seriously. Why should I believe that the liberals, all of a sudden, give a damn about high gas prices since that's what they've been demanding for years?


Sen. Turban Durbin (D, Al-Jazeera) Is A Moron

Fri,28 April, 2006

From the 26 April edition of Your World With Neil Cavuto:

Cavuto: "Senator, do you think with your zeal to save the environment, and some of these blended fuels that we have to have in order to meet these new environmental requirements, that, with the best of intentions, you're the one who is gouging Americans at the pump?" DURBIN: I'm not for nationalizing oil, if that's what you are suggesting.

CAVUTO: Then what are you for?

DURBIN: But there's no — there's no correlation between the increase in the price of a barrel of oil and what we are paying at the pump. And if you want to know why, take a look at the corporate profits of the oil companies.

CAVUTO: So, would you tax those profits?

DURBIN: They're making money hand over fist.

CAVUTO: Would you tax those profits?

DURBIN: Absolutely, I would. Absolutely.
CAVUTO: Above and beyond what they want? Just like Jimmy Carter did in the 1970s, the same thing, right?

DURBIN: Well, I want to tell you something. A windfall profits tax would say to these oil companies once and for all, you can't rip us off at the pump day in and day out, for no good market reason, without a penalty. And the money should go back directly to consumers who are paying these outrageous prices for gasoline.

HUH? "There's no correlation between the increase in the price of a barrel of oil and what we are paying at the pump?" Sweet feathery Jesus! This ass clown is representing a state? Where on God's green Earth did he get this info. Question for you "Senator": If that's the case, why weren't gas prices raised to $3, 5, 6 etc. a long time ago? Why doesn't it stay at a single price if that's true? Please tell me that the people of Illinois aren't THIS stupid.

If only I could subpoena Congress.

If only I could subpoena Congress, I'd haul "Sen." Turban Durbin (Demagogue, Al-Jazeera) in and demand that he justify HIS salary and retirment package. I'd also ask him to justify his trips to Hawaii, India, Italy, Bangladesh and South Africa. I'd also like to demand an explanation as to why he felt compelled to compare our soliders to Nazi's, Soviets and Pol Pot regime (which liberals created). I would also demand to know if his half-assed apology on the Senate floor was anything but that.

Quick Question

Thu,27 April, 2006

I've often wondered, if George W. Bush is a moron and an idiot for pronouncing it nucular, does that mean that Eisenhower, Kennedy, Ford, Carter (who served on a nuclear sub) and Clinton are/were idiots and morons too?

Well, the last two are, but for other reasons.

Just wondering. So far, I haven't found a kook who can answer that one.


Thu,27 April, 2006

I swear. How can people be so retarded?

Bee County leaders urging boycott of Exxon Mobil

So this pinhead judge in Bee County, TX., who is obviously ignorant of ho gas prices come about, is supportive of a resolution to screw over local business owners. That's freakin' brilliant. They need to realize that there ain't a whole lot anybody can do about the prices and a boycott accomplishes even less.

Besides, when has a boycott ever worked? It doesn't.

What I want to know is that since the government on state and federal level  makes more than FOUR TIMES what the oil companies make per dollar spent, wouldn't it be more prudent to boycott the government? Also, based on cents per dollar of sales, banks, pharmaceutical companies, software companies etc. are making ass loads more than the oil companies. Why aren't people going apeshit spicey gonzo about that?

To add insult to injury, now Republicans are acting like liberals:

Senate Panel Demands Oil Co. Tax Records



Requiem For a QP

Mon,24 April, 2006

My first and favorite Quaker Parrot, Paca, died today at the age of 5 of an apparent stroke. I was trying desperately to find a vet available on Sundays, after recognizing that something was wrong, when she fell off the cage. She died in my hands.

I doubt that there was anything that could have been done, but I can't help a slight nagging feeling that she needed me and I couldn't help. She was a tough bird who had been lost for 6 weeks before. She had suffered a broken wing and a leg broken in two places. The vet said she would never really recover. She proved him wrong. She had also survived an accident where mom accidentally stepped on her. I thought she would die that way, but she shook it off and was back to normal within a few hours.

I don't really know what happened today. My best guess is that she had a stroke. Unfortunately, I don't think she passed without some pain, but it was somewhat quick.

Goodbye Paca. Have fun at the Rainbow Bridge. I hope you get your fill of your favorite pumpkin seeds. Take care and fly free.

What’s Algore’s Hot Air Doing For Global Warming?

Fri,21 April, 2006

 Quotes from Algore's latest failure: An Inconvenient Truth

"Of the 10 hottest years ever measured…."

And how many years have we been recording weather compared to the millions of years that we haven't, Mr. Algore?

"Scientific consesus is that WE are causing global warming."

And how much money does it take to come to that consensus? Further, isn't this sorta like the scientific consensus that the Earth was flat or that blacks were a lower life form than whites? Shall I go on with more examples of "scientific consensus"?

"This is not a political issue…"

No, it's an issue of fear mongering while wracking up more cash.

"Temperature increases are taking place all over the world and that's causing stronger storms".

The director of the National Hurricane Center disagrees with you. Who are you going to believe? A has been who couldn't win an election without throwing out the military vote or the director of the NHC? Also, why is there a decline in Pacific storms?
My bigger concern is why he promissed us that he would revamp airport/airline security measures and then gave up as soon as the airline's lobbyists donated half a mil to the DNC? I have to believe that he would give up on the global warming campaign for $500,000 just like he gave up on the airport/airline security campaign.

Give it up. You're a liberal douchebag fart sniffer talking with your eyes closed and intelligent folks ain't buying it. We didn't buy it in the 2000 campaign and we ain't buying it now. You'll even snort bovine flatulence.



We keep getting promisses from the eco-nuts that the world as we know it will be gone in 5-10 years. For example, just over 10 years ago we were promissed that the Earth would be so hot that rivers and streams would be boiling in 10 years. It ain't happened, nor is it likely to happen anytime soon. I saw a dire warning on a website the other day that promissed that New York would be gone in 2015. Not only is that no sweat off my balls, but I'd be willing to bet that 9 years from now, New York will still be there and the fart sniffers will have moved on to some other dire warning to occur in 10 years.

Long story short, this is the new five year plan. The douchebag fart sniffers have, for years, issued dire warnings  of what will come to pass in the next 5-10 years and nothing ever comes true. Why, then, should they be taken more seriously than the Halle Boppe fanatics?

Burned Out?

Wed,19 April, 2006

I hope not.

I'm taking a bit of time off from the whole blogging thing. I spent a few months reading and blogging during my free time. Now I find myself watching more TV and doing things around the house that I've neglected.

Lately I haven't been feeling the urge to blog like I used to. I'm not even visiting my regular haunts either. The lack of comments from visitors isn't very inspiring either.

Well, I guess maybe I just need to take a short break. If you want, please feel free to drop me a line at